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Balance Foot J

Balance Foot J is designed to meet the needs of slower speed walkers. It is lightweight with a heel that provides stability and cushioning at heel strike. Together with the full-length keel the Balance J provides excellent stability and support.

Flex Foot Assure

The Flex-Foot Assure is ideal as a first prosthesis or a more permanent option for the less active, particularly those experiencing poor vascular health and/or diabetes.

Designed specifically for slower speed walkers, Flex-Foot Assure incorporates an active heel combined with the full-length keel that work together to protect the vulnerable sound limb. The proven design and simple fit of Assure allows basic ambulators to take advantage of premium technology just right for them.


P Flexion

Our most popular low activity foot, K2 Sensation is a comfortable walking prosthesis with a flexible full length fiberglass keel and mutiaxial foam core. With smooth progression from heel strike to toe-off, K2 Sensation is designed to promote user confidence and stability.
K2 Sensation is also available with the D/P Flexion™ hydraulic ankle module. K2 Sensation with D/P Flexion offers 9 degrees of dorsi and plantarflexion during stance phase to help improve stability on ramps and when transitioning from sitting to standing. Swing phase dorsiflexion is designed to reduce the risk of trips and falls- one of the main concerns of low active amputees. Plus, independent stiffness adjustment of dorsi- and plantarflexion enables you to customize performance for each amputee user.
Add our zero-build-height Unity pump module to create the only sleeveless elevated vacuum solution for less active users


Proprio Foot

PROPRIO FOOT is an adaptive prosthetic device for low to moderately active below-knee amputees that mimics natural foot motion. Motor-powered ankle motion increases ground clearance and reduces the risk of tripping and falling. This allows users to traverse different kinds of terrain in a natural and secure way.


Pro Flex XC

Pro-Flex XC has been developed to comfortably accommodate the relatively active user, who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as levelground walking. Comes with an aesthetically pleasing, anatomical footcover and integrated male pyramid.

Unity for Pro-Flex XC is available either pre-fit with a new foot or as a retrofit option. Used in combination with Iceross® Seal-In® liners, Unity provides advanced vacuum suspension for the socket during ambulation, without the constraints of an external sleeve. It adds minimal weight to the existing prosthesis and its simple mechanical design means there are no batteries to worry about. Reliable, effective and easy to use, it is designed to improve balance and prevent skin problems.

Pro Flex LP

A good level of ankle power, energy return and overall dynamics has often eluded people with longer residual limbs. Pro-Flex LP has been specially designed to counter those issues and to provide exceptionally smooth rollover.
Pro-Flex LP offers a high degree of ankle motion and a significant improvement on conventional low profile carbon fiber feet. It also incorporates a full-effective toe length and new ‘reverse tapered’ technology, allowing for greater dorsi-flexion.
Less load and more dynamics means that amputees with a longer limb can enjoy greater comfort for a wide range of activities. The well-designed and lightweight anatomical foot cover features a steady-grip sole for barefoot stability on wet or slick surfaces and a sandal-clamping toe for a range of footwear including flipflops.
Össur recommends using Pro-Flex LP in conjunction with the sleeveless vacuum suspension system Unity, which adds minimal weight and no extra build height, and does not interfere with Pro-Flex LP dynamics. Unity is designed to provide secure suspension in combination with Iceross Seal-In ®technology, while stabilizing volume fluctuations and maintaining comfortable socket fit throughout the day.



Pro Flex

Pro-Flex is a prosthetic foot that uses complementing levers connected through pivots to create mechanically-powered push off. Combining 27° of ankle motion and significantly greater ankle power than conventional carbon fiber feet, it closely mimics regular biomechanics, delivering a proven 11% reduction in load on the contralateral limb.

  • Mechanically-powered push off

  • 27° of ankle motion

  • Sound-side protection by reducing load and impact by 11% and 15% reduction in external knee varus moment

  • Natural progression of center of pressure, closely mimics the natural foot

  • Higher patient satisfaction

Össur recommends using Pro-Flex in conjunction with the sleeveless vacuum suspension system Unity®, which adds minimal weight and no extra build height, and does not interfere with Pro-Flex dynamics. Unity is designed to provide secure suspension in combination with Iceross Seal-In® technology, while stabilizing volume fluctuations and maintaining comfortable socket fit throughout the day.

Re Flex Shock

Re-Flex Shock offers the best vertical shock absorption of all the Össur mechanical feet. With dynamic energy return and all around responsiveness the foot is a great choice for active users.
The composite spring in front provides optimal shock absorption that reduces impact subjected to the body. Enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities.



Re Flex Rotate

Re-Flex Rotate is a robust, high performance foot allowing users to enjoy daily living, work and leisure with the comfort and confidence to reach their full potential.
Meeting challenging requirements of the active user by combining optimal shock absorption, dynamic energy return and comfort, the Re-Flex Rotate is one of a kind. Featuring a sleek profile and maintenance free design it is the first choice for active users requiring high performance, comfortable everyday foot.
The torsion cell reduces both rotary forces on the knee joint and shear forces on the residual limb. An integrated torsion cell allows rotational yield designed to protect the residual limb and knee joint. Shock absorption via titanium coil spring reduces impact subjected to the body while enhancing both control and comfort during walking and other activities.



Cheetah Explore

Cheetah Xplore is a unique crossover foot prosthesis inspired by the original Cheetah design. Although primarily designed for everyday use, Cheetah Xplore allows the user to engage in various sports and activities. The foot combines high energy return and dynamic push-off with increased balance and stability, supporting amputees with an active lifestyle.



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