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Diabetic Foot Care / Foot Care Services

Your foot carries you everywhere. The health of your foot is as important as the other parts of your body. Unless it is ready to bear your weight, you will never feel the earth which is sad. So, provide proper care to your feet.

Are you diabetic? Yes?

For people who are diabetic need to provide special care to their feet.

If you ignore minor symptoms, you might be unknowingly inviting risk and you do not want to succumb under the weight of the deadly disease that is in fact disastrous to health.

If you are suffering from diabetes you need to consult your diabetologist on a regular basis and detect any symptoms that might be bidding time to spring up and tamper your happiness.

If you have regular foot care concerns, then you need to fix regular consultations with your physician and have a regular round of check up to track and find out whether there are any hidden foot problems that might cause you trouble.

If you experience cuts or breaks in your skin or an ingrown nail, then it might be a sign for something. Don’t ignore these small and silly symptoms because tomorrow they grow out into bigger problems.

Also, if there is a change in color, shape or the feel of your foot, inform your physician.

At Raphadon, we want to help you get the best care for your foot and so, we will arrange for excellent Diabetic foot care services in Abuja, Nigeria.

We have already helped a number of clients to find solace from their existing Diabetic foot care conditions that was preventing them from leading a normal life with some of the best services.

We have tie-ups with some of the best health care consultants around the world and we will ensure that you experience a total relief from your foot problems.

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