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Our Products Range

Welcome to Raphadon

Raphadon based in Abuja, Nigeria enjoys a global reputation for its health care products that includes imported limbs, bionic prosthesis, cosmetic prosthesis, artificial limbs, orthosis, and silicon prosthesis. The company Raphadon focuses on the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of a wide variety of Medical and rehabilitation health care products. The company is jointly owned and managed by a group of highly experienced professional specialists from India and other countries. The specialty of these individuals is that they are perfect at what they do and they strive hard to bring out the best in each product that they design.

At Raphadon, the group activities revolve around providing services that includes Orthopedics, Latest bionic technology in prosthetic and orthotic, Silicon Cosmetic Prosthesis, Diabetic foot care, World Class Medical Tourism, Hi-Tech Prosthetic and Orthotic, and much more.

Raphadon Group's Objective:

The objective is to help people live a better life.

The focus of the team at Raphadon is to help differently- abled people to live a normal life with the help of the latest and sophisticated technologies. Raphadon combines innovation and latest technology by joining hands with reputed brands from all over the world and also specializes in the import of products and equipments from nations such as the US, UK, France, Japan, India, Germany, Italy, etc.

Medical Tourism is another highlight of Raphadon as they aim to bring about high quality and affordable health care and wellness treatments in India and other countries to help people live a better life. Also, we are part of a global network that offers some of the advanced medical tourism facilities around the world.

Raphadon prosthesis in abuja

​Raphadon has helped me to live better.It has made my movement brisk and more comfortable.In summary Raphadon has made my life "BETTER" 

I Thank you RAPHADON