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Our Products Range

Welcome to Raphadon Lagos

For More than 27years, Raphadon committed themselves to a challenging Mission: Helps to Live better and helping people to take back their mobility in the best quality of modern rehabilitation. Raphadon has developed creative and innovative products. The Organisation takes care of the complete cycle of treatment all over the Globe and focusing on the African continent with specialising in the field of Prosthetic, Orthotic and Silicon Cosmetic Solutions.

In Africa, Raphadon Based in Nigeria and has branches in Lagos, Abuja and other leading cities of Nigeria. Raphadon is a leading health care products manufacturer and supplier around Globel and being one of the best sellers and suppliers of medical equipment. We are all set with a wide range of health care products for hospitals, clinics, doctors, and patients. We make high-quality and durable health care products available, including High-Quality Artificial limbs with Bionic technology, Silicone Cosmetic Prosthesis, Cosmetic Prosthesis, and braces and splints Solutions. Our vastly experienced, educated, and professional specialists give importance to produce the best products.

At Raphadon, the experts apply the latest bionic and the best technologies to create health care products necessary for people. Since its commencement, the company has focused on providing incomparable service, high-quality products, and value clients' needs. Our professionals are up to date with the changes in health care products manufacturing and present brand new products with durability assurance to clients to meet their requirements. Thanks to our unique manufacturing processes and our expertise, we can even satisfy your most challenging needs.

Raphadon Group's Objective:

The main objective of the company is to helps people to live better and lead an everyday life. Raphadon makes all the effort to present the right solution to people with disabilities at the right time. We are dedicated to offering the best quality healthcare products to disabled people and making their lives every day. On-time delivery, professional services, production of durable products, being flexible and innovative, and keeping the faith of our patients and clients every time makes us unique in the industry. We have become one-stop healthcare solutions for our clients due to our exclusive services.

Raphadon offers different kinds of services to keep our clients happy, including cosmetic restoration, diabetic foot care, bionic prosthetic and orthotic services. We focus on importing products and equipment from different countries notable for manufacturing equipment necessary for people with disabilities. Being the best service provider, we understand the needs of the clients and people with disabilities, and therefore, we designed our services to suit their demands.

Raphadon prosthesis in abuja

​Raphadon has helped me to live better.It has made my movement brisk and more comfortable.In summary Raphadon has made my life "BETTER" 

I Thank you RAPHADON