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Braces and Splints / Orthotic services

If you are looking for someone who could help you find some of the best braces and splints and orthotic services, then choose no one but Raphadon. Our teams of professional experts are experienced at designing the perfect support systems that you need. This team of experts has already designed excellent support systems to help people through their daily life without giving them the slightest feel of struggle. Today, they are all leading a normal and happy life.

Don’t you wish to lead a happy and normal life just like them?

Then, what are we here for? Our team of experts at Raphadon is here to help you live a life that you have always dreamt of.

Orthosis mainly support the purpose of correction, stabilization, mobilization and immobilization.

Orthotic services mainly focus on helping immobilize or mobilize the affected areas of the body in a controlled manner. Also, orthotic services helps to correct posture and motion of a person and our team helps to develop the best one that suits your individual needs.

Also, if the patient has suffered partial paralysis of limbs, we offer specialized neuro-orthoses that helps to compensate for the non-functioning body functions. This is mainly helpful when the person has suffered complete or partial paralysis of their legs or hands. This can be a result of polio or stroke.

Orthosis and braces needs to be designed by experts. Orthotists, doctors and therapists come together to form a support system that will best fit to help a patient solve their disability. These orthosis and braces are designed for a prolonged use and hence it should be appealing and attractive too. We take into account this particular concern too while building orthosis and support systems to provide our people with the best of support system to help them lead a normal life just like everyone else.

Raphadon prosthesis in abuja

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